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FCSI Mark Newsletter 3/2017

‘Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures for ever.’

Psalm 107:1
We are filled with gratitude as we share the news of God’s work during our most recent national conference! We thank the Lord that we get to see His vision for the Christian students in Israel unfold: we are seeing more and more students reading the Bible, leading to change in their personal lives. We had the third consecutive annual Mark Manuscript Bible Study conference for FCSI this month! It was a fantastic experience where Arabic, Hebrew, and English speakers got together at the Baptist Village to spend time in the Word. We are thankful we were able to train 15 teachers, and have them work alongside us as facilitators in the classrooms. We are thankful to see the number of participants on the rise each year. Two years ago, when we had our first Mark Manuscript Conference, twenty students participated. Last year, at our second Mark Manuscript Conference, eighty students participated. This year, however, we had 110 participants all together!

A Glimpse Into FCSI’s Mark Manuscript Bible Study Conference

The time we spent together was marked by a pleasant atmosphere where people were getting to meet each other outside of the classrooms and work together in groups during the lessons. It was also refreshing to have space and time for sports activities, where students participated enthusiastically. The main focus of the conference, however, was to work on the inductive method of reading the Bible, spend time in the scripture, learn to be comfortable with asking the difficult questions, and have the courage to try and answer them. Because of the language barrier, we had the students split up into groups according to the language they spoke. The Arabic and English speaking groups were split into two groups each, Mark 1 and Mark 2. Mark 1 started from the beginning of the gospel, and Mark 2 was for participants who already attended the previous conference, and they picked up from where they left off last year. The Hebrew speaking group started from the beginning of the gospel, as Mark 1.

What the students have said

Aseel one of our teachers

“Each Mark Manuscript Bible Study Conference was a life changing event for me. Even though in all of them I took part in Mark 1 and studied exactly the same passages from the Bible, each time a new facet of God was gloriously revealed to me. The richness of the word is so amazing that no matter how much we study it, it feels like we have only “scratched the surface” and seen a glimpse of the glory of God and there is still so much more to be unveiled to us… Keep Reading

One of the international students

“The conference was really a blessing to me. I was in the first conference last year and decided to come to the second one because each time we study together using the inductive method, I get to learn and see new points of view on many verses. The conference made me think different and appreciate God’s work more deeply.”
An international student who was here for the conference last year said ” I decided to come back all the way from the US just for the conference when I heard there was another one, It was so important for me that I couldn’t miss this one…”

A Hebrew speaking student

“The conference was a very blessed one. I was so happy to be there. The inductive method reveals many new things to the reader. Personally, I received a new revelation about the Sabbath and I now understand that Yeshua, as the Lord of the Sabbath, must be given his rightful place at the center.”

An Arabic speaking student

“This method helped me understand the Bible on a deeper level by being able to see the text through new eyes. At the youth group at my church, we have already started using this method when reading the Bible, since I learned it at last year’s conference.”
An Arabic Speaking graduate I am a pharmacist and I encounter many drug abusers and drug addicts at work. They come to get prescribed drugs. I believe it is difficult to deal with this group of people, so I always ask someone else at the pharmacy to offer them service. While studying the manuscript of Mark, we see Jesus feeding the 5,000 Jews that followed him, and the disciples making taking care of everyone. After, we see Jesus feeding the 4,000 Gentiles exactly the same way he did the Jews. However, this time, the disciples did not care about the hungry for three days, until Jesus confronted them. We concluded that they did not care about the Gentiles the same was they cared about the Jews, while Jesus came for everyone. The Lord taught me through this to treat everyone equally and not discriminate against anyone. He taught me to offer my services and love to everyone, even the dug addicts who are considered as outcasts of society.

Please pray that

  • We are able to continue to work on the next Mark Manuscript Study Conference.
  • The financial needs for the training and the preparation for the next conference will be met.
  • God’s word will continue to work with power in our students, so that they would be changed from within, bringing change to their universities and communities.


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