LIVING STONES on University Campuses “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16)

FCSI Newsletter June 2017


FCSI Newsletter June 2017

FCSI Update June 2017

Our vision : To see active and influential student groups on every university and college in Israel, affecting both church and society

As the academic year comes to an end, we look back and realize how much we need to trust the Lord while living and serving Him on Israeli campuses. Sometimes we are making plans and we are able to accomplish them, while other times not, or maybe only part of it when we start asking the questions of ‘why?’ and ‘how’? That can lead to feeling disappointment!

In these times, we remember that the Lord asks us to rejoice despite all the challenges around us: He is the source of joy – what He did for us on the cross. We would like to share with you some joyful moments in FCSI of the last few months.

We rejoice in the active student groups this academic year in these locations from North to South (some locations have more than one group): Tel-Hai, Carmiel, Haifa University, Technion, IDC Hertzliya, Tel-Aviv University, Hebrew University, Weizmann Institute, Ben-Gurion University and Sde Boker.

We rejoice in the student leaders and students on each campus who keep doing the good work in Bible study, prayer and outreach.

We rejoice over the Christmas outreach (December) at Haifa University with more than 80 students attending from various backgrounds during which the message of Christmas was shared.
We rejoice in the two lectures that took place in the Technion (December & March). The first topic was “Does God Not Exist?”, and the second was “Did Science Bury God?”. There were so many great responses and questions from several students who attended that one of our staff and one of the speakers had to go back one week later to answer more questions!

We rejoice in our board meeting weekend (January) where we worked on FCSI policies as part of the FCSI governance; a project that the board has been working on for the last two years. A good part of it was accomplished during that time.

We rejoice about our second staff training (February). While visiting some Biblical sites in the Jezreel Valley, it was also a time to learn more about mentoring, leadership, team work and evaluation.

We rejoiced in our Mark Manuscript Bible Study conference (March) – you can read more about it in our previous newsletter here:


We rejoice in sending a delegation of 24 students and staff from FCSI to take part in the IFES Europe Presence Conference in Germany during Easter time (April):

One of our FCSI students was chosen to be the MC for the opening night, and some other students and staff led seminars and tracks during the conference. The conference was an encouragement for many of the students in the delegation, as we were inspired by the teachings, testimonies and connections with students from Europe. The students are very eager to apply the new ideas they learned to their student groups.


We rejoice in holding a study day in Nazareth (May) about believers in society. More than 60 students, graduates and others took part in this day, and were challenged to think about their role in society from a Biblical perspective.


We rejoice in our camping weekend, where about 80 students (Hebrew, Arabic and International students) had a time to worship, pray, play games, as well as hike together. The director of the camp site was amazed to see people from a variety of backgrounds united and speaking in the same spirit!


We rejoice in Debora’s ministry with FCSI for the last two years through IFES Europe Interaction, mainly working with International students in Israel. Debora left back to Germany just a few days ago.  We are so thankful for her love and service to all of the students. Please pray with us for God’s greatest blessings in her next steps!


                         Please do pray with us for these issues:

  • Wise decisions of the board and the student committee concerning the future of FCSI and other challenges

  • Mission trip to British Columbia, Canada, during August in partnership with IVCF Canada.

  • Our autumn student conferences

  • Financial needs to be met soon

  • Kevin and Lavinia’s return this summer to serve with International students



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