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FCSI Newsletter October 2017

FCSI October 2017 Newsletter
FCSI Newsletter October 2017
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FCSI Update October 2017

Our Core Goals:

Training, Mobilizing, Evangelizing and Networking

As the new academic year in Israel started in the last two weeks, we thank God that student leaders are working to cast the vision to other students and planning for the new academic year. In the last two months, preparations were done for this new year in several aspects.

Training students with a focus on: servant-leadership and serving other students, how to cast the vision of the campus as a mission field, and how to grow student groups. There were about 25 student leaders and volunteers from 8 groups. At the end of this training, each group is planning for the new academic year.

Student Training

The FCSI staff also met to plan for the new year, prayed together and decided to focus on growing mission this year, and to do so the plan is to work on four aspects of mission: Prayer, Discipleship, Scripture Engagement and Evangelism. Goals were set for each aspect and our staff and student leaders are working on these goals even as you read this newsletter.

We had two national conferences as well, one conference for Arabic speaking students (September) with about 100 students attending. The topic of this conference was “What do you do from Monday to Saturday”, focusing on daily, practical living and the influence we have as believers.

The Hebrew speakers conference was held during October with about 60 students attending. Its topic was “Finishing the Race”; focusing on the challenges that student go through in their university life. The conferences were organized by the Arabic Student Committee and Hebrew student committee, respectively.

Arabic Student conference
Hebrew Student Conference
(out of security reasons, we try not to show faces in the pictures)

Also some International students in FCSI organized a hike of the “Jesus Trail” from Nazareth to Capernaum. During the hike, they studied on an amazing journey that Jesus took for just 24 hours across the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4-5: Calming the Storm, Freeing the Demoniac, Healing the Bleeding Woman and Raising Jairus' Daughter). They were encouraged to see a Jesus who is stronger and more powerful, yet more caring and close. They were also challenged to see what journeys Jesus could be inviting them on in their lives and on their campuses.

FCSI took part in IFES “World Student Day” on the 20th of October, where we hosted breakfast & prayer meetings in three locations (Haifa, Jerusalem and BeerSheva). As we prayed for believing students around the world, we focused on the theme that the IFES set - “Generous Life” - a life of service & influence in our communities, campuses and churches.

The FCSI delegation of the mission trip to Canada (this last summer) also met for a reunion to reflect on their time together and pray for future steps. During this time they reflected:

  • One student shared how she had to grow and accept people who are different than her and how God can work through diversity.

  • Another student shared how great it was to focus and work together on the same goal, even though they came from various backgrounds and nationalities.

  • Some expressed how working and serving with kids in the camp in Canada they were able to make change in the campers lives as well as in their own.

  • Another shared how serving with poor people made them realize it is possible to share with the marginalized people through being with them and sharing life with them.

  • Students were encouraged that, through the Mark drama they performed in University of British Columbia, one student who heard the gospel for the first time started attending the student group there.

We would appreciate your prayers for these issues:

  • For students groups to start in all locations were there are students we know.

  • For FCSI staff and students to be able to accomplish the goals set in the four fields of mission above.

  • For FCSI’s financial situation as seems there is not enough funds to cover the costs tell the end of 2017.

Thank you תודה شكراً

For your prayers and support

FCSI Students & Staff


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