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FCSI Update July 2018


FCSI Update July 2018

Our Mission:

Strengthening the Student Body in Israel through

Prayer, Discipleship, Bible Study and Evangelism

During the summer months, while our students prepare for their exams and writing papers, the FCSI staff and student committee prepare for the next Mark Manuscript Bible Study Conference in August, and plan for the new upcoming  academic year!

International students at the Mark Manuscript Conference in March
© Ellie Yeo

The  Mark Manuscript Bible study conference is one of the most popular conferences, so we are offering it a second time this year! From the 29th of August until the 1st of September, believing students from every university and college in Israel will come together to not only discover the Gospel anew, but to also learn how to  study the Word in depth on their own. 

We realised that there is a huge lack of teaching these kind of tools here in Israel. The students are hungry to learn more and to grow in their faith, so that they can be more powerful witnesses to their peers, friends, families and society.

Testimonies from Students:

“The Inductive Bible study guides to the right understanding of the Word of God, and by the power of the Holy Spirit I can apply it to my life.”

“I realized what an authority God’s Word has in my life!”

“The Bible has come alive”

“Before I just read the Bible, now I study it and know God’s Word much better!”

“I really loved the fact that during the whole conference we were focused on the Word of God all the time!”


In the past we have given scholarships to students who can afford coming to the conference, and we feel led by God to continue so. However, we cannot provide enough support for all the demand. 
Could you pray about sponsoring a student for this Mark Manuscript Conference? 
The cost per student is €100 / $120. It’s not only an investment in this particular student in his or her personal growth, but the equipment of a witness for Christ on an Israeli campus! We invite you to be part in building God’s Kingdom here amongst Jews, Arabs and people from all over the world. 


We would appreciate your prayers and support


Thank you תודה شكراً

FCSI Students & Staff



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