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FCSI Newsletter September 2018



FCSI Newsletter September 2018

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FCSI Update September 2018

Our Mission:

Strengthening the Student Body in Israel through

Prayer, Discipleship, Bible Study and Evangelism

What an amazing conference we had! The Mark Manuscript Bible Study Conference from August 29th to September 1st was such a great reminder to all of us that God is always in control and that His Word has so much power.
We were around 60 students and teachers from all different backgrounds, who studied the gospel of Mark with the inductive method. Through thoroughly reading the text, making observations, asking questions and discussing all of this in small groups, we learn more about Jesus and the Father.
In the end, we challenge ourselves with applications in order to get a more personal relation to the passage. 

Especially amongst the Hebrew speaking students, we are very encouraged to see growth and in interest to invest into the “next generation” of Mark conference students, as two of the teachers, A* and R*, already committed to return next year and to not only participate in the third level of  the Mark course (‘Mark 3’), but also to teach Mark 1 and 2!

(*names omitted for security purposes)

“I love seeing how God speaks through his Word to the students, and how they learn more and more, and getting really engaged. To see the spark in their eyes when they understand something for the first time, despite knowing the passages so well.

Every time I’m teaching, I’m seeing the LIVING Word, the Word speaking to us, and we all are understanding something new about God and about ourselves.

Students could see the Kingdom of God through Mark, could meet Jesus as the King and understand their role in the Kingdom, as it is one of the main themes in the Gospel of Mark.The applications this year were really powerful!”

(Rasha, General Secretary of FCSI)

Every morning we started with a time of worship, and a devotion led by one of our staff. Two worship bands were playing, each consisting of Arab, Messianic Jewish and international students, praising the Lord in all three languages. The topics of the devotions were studying the bible for personal development, for group development, and for reaching out to others.

One Arab student who came to the ‘Mark 1′ class told Rasha that after the conference he started studying Revelation on his own, using the inductive method. It takes him 3 hours for each chapter and he is just finishing Chapter 3! We love seeing the students’ excitement about the Word of God, and how they apply what they have learned during the conferences.


“You don’t know the impact the conference has on the lives of us students” 

“All these new revelations… we felt like God slapped us in the face!”

“This one session about the different soils was like a pearl to me – that alone made it worth it for me to come to this conference”


… we also had a lot of fun between the sessions 🙂



Some of the students starting playing Arabic worship songs in our common room during the free time. A group of Muslim girls came by, stood by the door and listened. After a couple of songs they applauded and started talking to our students.

Praise the Lord for this opportunity to share about His love!

Please keep these girls, anonymously, in your prayers.

Even through hard times, when we prayed together in unity for healing for someone beloved, we could witness that Jesus has authority over everything. We remembered how the Lord is dealing with pain and sickness, and we are encouraged that He answers every prayer, but sometimes not as we expected it. 

Afterwards many students came to us and told that this time of sharing prayer requests and coming together as brothers and sisters meant a lot to them. We really felt like a family, that can’t  and won’t be divided by different backgrounds or political opinions.

Naturally, when people come together to make decisions there can be disagreements and arguments. When there was a moment of frustration between different student committees after the conference, they took a minute to pause and one of the student leaders exclaimed: “We need to pay the price for unity, because Jesus paid the price for us to be united”

Wow, what an insight! We are so proud of our students – what they learned and took away from the conference, and how eager they are to apply God’s Word to their lives!

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, 
rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 
so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped
for every good work.”
II Timothy 3:16

We appreciate your prayers and support!


Thank you תודה شكراً

FCSI Students & Staff