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FCSI Newsletter April 2018


FCSI Newsletter April 2018
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FCSI Update April 2018

Our Mission:

To motivate students in Israel and equip them to be SALT and LIGHT on their campuses through Bible study, training, evangelism and networking

As many people around us in Israel are celebrating Passover as well as Easter, we pray that people in our country would realize Who is the real Passover and sacrifice. FCSI is working to make this possible on Israeli campuses, and we would like to share with you some highlights of what we did in the last three months to make this happen.


FCSI held its Mark Manuscript Bible study conference for the fourth year, this year from 28th February – 3rd March.  This time we had a limited number of about 50 students with only three classes (Arabic, Hebrew and English) as some universities/colleges had changed their exam schedules so many students were unable to attend. We will be holding another camp in August to allow more students to attend.  The camp last month was a great time to study the first five chapters of the Gospel of Mark, as well as having joint times of worship and prayer with all three groups. Teaching was done by FCSI staff, students and board members.  We counted 22 languages present the conference.

Some participants shared how this experience was for them…

“I must say that the deeper engagement with the Word of God influenced my life extremely! It also helps me on a daily basis. Inductive Bible study guides to the right understanding of the Word of God, and by the power of the Holy Spirit I can apply it to my life. At this particular conference, I realized what an authority God’s Word has in my life!”
(Hebrew speaking student)
“It was amazing to see the Bible come alive for the students!  They went from just believing in Jesus to hearing and responding to His call to ‘follow me’.  Students were challenged in what true faith would look like and how to let Jesus be Lord, not just over their spiritual life, but over every part of their lives.”
(Kevin, International Staff)
“What I was doing before was not really studying the Bible, and now I realized how to better read God’s Word” 

(Arabic speaking student)
“I really loved the fact that during the whole conference we were focused on the Word of God all the time! I really hope that I can attend next time!”
(Hebrew speaking student)
“As teachers, we sensed God’s presence in the room – God spoke with the group in many ways, opened our eyes to see many things that we needed to repent on and change. The group did so and committed many things to God” 
(Rasha, Arab Staff) 

During March, Haifa University organized a day were all student cells on campus can have a booth and share about what they do. They also allowed the FCSI group to do so as well, and the students there took it seriously and wore special T-shirts and brought materials. It was a great opportunity for the FCSI group to be known on campus, as well as an opportunity for some conversations with students at neighboring booths.

Some students left their contact information to continue to talk about faith. The Haifa group is arranging a trip to Jerusalem to walk the Via Dolorosa and have invited them to join. Some of them are not even from a Christian nominal background.

The FCSI staff also had a weekend retreat with a couple who served with a sister student ministry, where they spent  time studying the book of Hebrews, and discussed time management and developing ministry partnerships and fund raising.

Also, in the last two years, FCSI staff have been part of training  and ministry networks through IFES

* Rasha (FCSI staff for Arabic speaking students and training) is part of the Global Leadership Initiative.

* Neeman (FCSI staff for Hebrew speaking students) is part on the Young Staff Network though IFES Europe. 

* Kevin & Lavinia (FCSI staff for International students) are part of International Student Ministry Network in IFES Europe. Next week, Kevin will be the speaker at the Global Impact Conference in Poland; a conference on International Student Ministry for the continent of Europe.  Kevin will be speaking about the Gospel in Places of Division and Conflict, using John 4 as the base.

Rasha at the latest Global Leadership Initiative meeting in Nepal

Also recently two of our student leaders in Emeq Yezrael (Jezrael Valley) College had the chance to take part in the KFS (Danish student ministry) Easter conference, where every year two FCSI students are invited through the Danish Israel Mission (DIM).


Preparations are taking place for our Joint Conference 10th-12th of May 2018, with the theme “Jesus in the Center”!

More about the Joint Conference in our next newsletter.

We would appreciate your prayers for these issues:

  1. Our Joint Conference and Annual Meeting in May.

  2. FCSI’s search for a new General Secretary as Zaher (current GS) is retiring from the role.

  3. FCSI financial challenges and needs; there is a $46,000 deficency between our expected income and proposed budget for 2018.


Thank you תודה شكراً

For your prayers and support

FCSI Students & Staff



Direct bank transfers:
Address: Mercantile Bank, Main Branch,
30 Galilee Street, Nazareth, Israel

IBAN: IL39 0176 3900 0005 7981 509

Or go to this link and specify FCSI – Israel.

Tax deductible donations possible in several countries. Please contact us at for more details.

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مطلوب سكرتير عام

مطلوب سكرتير عام لرابطة الطلاب المسيحيين في اسرائيل

تهدف رابطة الطلاب المسيحيين الى خدمة وتعزيز الطلاب المؤمنين في البلاد وتشجيعهم على الكرازة في الحرم الجامعي. يدير السكرتير العام نشاط الرابطة، بالتعاون مع اللجنة الاستشاريّة للجمعية. تعمل الرابطة منذ أكثر من 30 عامًا بين اليهود والعرب المؤمنين، وهي مكوّنة من عاملين ومتطوعين من المجتمعين العربي واليهودي.


:هدف الوظيفة

.تطوير رؤيا الرابطة وأهدافها وادارة النشاطات الجارية والمستمرّة


  • ادارة عاملي الرابطة 
  • تقديم تقارير للجنة الاستشاريّة عن نشاطات الرابطة.
  • دعم ومساعدة لجان الطلاب
  • تواصل، دعم ومساعدة مستمرة لمجموعات الطلاب في الحرم الجامعي
  • العمل مع  IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
  • بناء علاقات مع الكنائس والاجتماعات المحليّة
  • ادارة المكتب ومتابعة الأمور الماليّة
  • تجنيد دعم مالي للرابطة
  • تطوير اتصالات الكترونيّة
:متطلبات الوظيفة
 أن يكون المتقدم للوظيفة:
  1. عضو فعّال في كنيسة محليّة وناضج روحيًا.
  2. صاحب رؤيا ولديه نظرة والتزام للأمد البعيد.
  3. لديه ارادة لخدمة وتوحيد المؤمنين من خلفيّات مختلفة.
  4. قائد، مبادر، ذو مقدره على إدارة ورعاية وتأهيل العاملين الذين يرأسهم.
  5. لديه القدرة على التواصل مع الاخرين، والعمل ضمن فريق.
  6. لديه مقدرة على التواصل الجيّد باللغة العبرية والانكليزيّة. معرفة اللغة العربية – أفضليّة.
  7.  لديه مقدرة تنظيميّة عالية، قادر على متابعة الأمور بمستويات مختلفة بنفس الوقت.
  8. لديه معرفة جيّدة بإستخدام الحاسوب Windows, Office)).
  9. جامعي (لقب أول على الأقل(
  10. مشاركة عمليّة وفعالة في رابطة الطلاب أو خدمة بين الطلاب – أفضليّة.
  11. صاحب تجربة في تطوير علاقات مع مؤسسات داخل وخارج البلاد – أفضليّة.
  12. صاحب تجربة بالتسويق وتجنيد الأموال – أفضليّة.
  13. لديه رخصة سياقة – أفضلية.


العمل بوظيفة كاملة والمعاش بحسب لائحة المعاشات للرابطة.


الوظيفة مناسبة للرجال والنساء. الإعلان بصيغة الذكر لتسهيل صياغة النص فقط.

يستطيع كل من هو ملائم لمتطلبات الوظيفة أعلاه ترشيح نفسه، يشمل مستخدمي الرابطة في الماضي والحاضر.


تقديم االترشيح للوظيفة

الرجاء ارسال السيرة الذاتيّة وأسماء شخصين على الأقل يوصون بك  مع رقم هاتف و بريد ألكتروني للتواصل معهم الى حتى موعد أقصاه 15.4.2018

الحصول على اسماء اشخاص يوصون بك هو أمر الزامي للبدء بفحص طلبك.

سيتم دعوة المرشحين الملائمين لمقابلة.

הצעת תפקיד מזכיר כללי

ארגון הסטודנטים המשיחיים בישראל מחפש מזכיר כללי

ארגון הסטודנטים המשיחיים בישראל נועד לשרת ולחזק את הסטודנטים המאמינים בארץ ולעודד אותם להביא את הבשורה לקמפוסים. המזכיר הכללי של הארגון מנהל בפועל את פעילות הארגון, בשיתוף עם הוועד המייעץ של העמותה. הארגון פועל בארץ כבר מעל ל-30 שנה בקרב יהודים וערבים מאמינים, ומורכב מעובדים ומתנדבים משני המגזרים.
מטרת התפקיד
לקדם את חזון הארגון ומטרותיו ולנהל את פעילותו השוטפת.
תחומי אחריות

  • ניהול עובדי הארגון
  • דיווח לוועד המייעץ על פעילות הארגון 
  • תמיכה ועזרה לוועדי הסטודנטים
  • התקשרות, תמיכה ועזרה שוטפת לקבוצות הסטודנטים בקמפוסים
  • עבודה אל מול IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
  • קשרים עם קהילות מקומיות
  • ניהול המשרד ומעקב אחר העניינים הכספיים
  • גיוס תמיכה כספית לארגון
  • פיתוח תקשורת אלקטרונית

דרישות התפקיד

  1. חבר פעיל בקהילה מקומית ובוגר באמונה.
  2. איש חזון,בעל ראיה ומחויבות לטווח ארוך.
  3. בעל רצון לשרת ולאחד מאמינים מרקעים שונים.
  4. מנהיג, בעל יוזמה, יודע לנהל, לטפח ולהכשיר את הכפופים לו.
  5. בעל תקשורת בין-אישית טובה ויכולת עבודה בצוות.
  6. יכולת תקשורת טובה בעברית ובאנגלית. ידיעת ערבית מהווה יתרון.
  7. יכולת ארגון גבוהה, מסוגל לעקוב אחר דברים במישורים שונים בו-זמנית.
  8. שליטה טובה במחשב (ווינדוס, אופיס).
  9. רקע אקדמי (תואר ראשון לפחות).
  10. מעורבות בארגון הסטודנטים או שירות בקרב סטודנטים – יתרון.
  11. ניסיון בפיתוח קשרים עם ארגונים בארץ ובחו”ל – יתרון.
  12. ניסיון בשיווק וגיוס כספים – יתרון.
  13. רישיון נהיגה – יתרון.

העבודה היא במשרה מלאה לפי טבלת שכר של הארגון.
התפקיד מתאים לגברים ונשים. המודעה מנוסחת בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד.
לתפקיד רשאים להגיש מועמדות כל מי שעומד בדרישות הנ”ל, כולל עובדי הארגון בעבר ובהווה.

הגשת מועמדות לתפקיד

נא לשלוח קורות חיים לדוא”ל
בקורות החיים יש לציין לפחות שני שמות של ממליצים (נא לכלול מספרי טלפון וכתובת דואר אלקטרוני להתקשרות איתם). בלי המלצות המועמדות לא תישקל.
ניתן להגיש מועמדות עד 15.4.2018
מועמדים מתאימים יוזמנו לראיון.

General Secretary Job opening

The Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel is seeking a General Secretary

The Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel (FCSI) exists to serve and strengthen the believing students in Israel, and to encourage them in bringing the gospel to their campuses. The General Secretary of the organization manages the regular activities of the organization, in conjunction with the Advisory Board of the Amuta. The FCSI has been working in Israel over 30 years among both Jewish and Arab believers, with staff workers and volunteers from both sectors.

To further the vision and goals of the organization, and to direct its regular ministry activities

 Manage the FCSI staff
 Report to the Advisory Board on the organization’s activities
 Provide support and assistance to the Student Committees
 Communicate with, and provide support and assistance to the student groups on the various campuses
 Work with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)
 Build connections with local congregations
 Manage the office and finances
 Raise financial support
 Develop electronic communications

1. An active member in a local congregation and mature in the faith
2. A visionary person, with foresight and commitment to the long term
3. A desire to serve and unite believers from different backgrounds
4. A leader and initiator, who can manage, cultivate, and train those under him
5. Outstanding interpersonal communication and teamwork ability
6. Proficient Hebrew and English language abilities. Knowledge of Arabic – preferred
7. High organizational skills, including the ability to track things on different levels simultaneously
8. Computer proficiency (Windows, Office)
9. An academic background (at minimum a bachelor’s degree)
10. Involvement in the FCSI or other student ministries – preferred
11. Experience in development of connections with other organizations in Israel and internationally – preferred
12. Experience in marketing and donor development – preferred
13. Driver’s license – preferred

This is a full-time position (compensated according to FCSI salary table), and is open to both men and women. Anyone who meets the above requirements is encouraged to apply, including current and past FCSI staff members.

How to Apply
Please send your resume, including the email addresses and telephone numbers of at least two references, to our email, no later than 15 April, 2018. No resume will be accepted without references.

Suitable candidates will be scheduled for an interview.

FCSI Job Opening ENG

Christmas Newsletter 2017

Reaching Students with the Message of Life & Hope 


During Christmas season, the Arab Christian Students in FCSI are celebrating in a unique way. They want to share God’s love with all their friends and talk about the true meaning of Christmas,

  ” Emmanuel, God is with us”   

We opened this season with a series of outreach events in different campuses in the land. God blessed us with a great offer of a famous actress, a committed Christian herself, to write a stand-up comedy routine with a Christian message and present it at our Christmas events. 
For our first event, at Haifa University on December 11th, students performed Christmas songs followed with the stand-up comedy and then one of our students leaders shared about searching for the true happiness and finding it in a true relationship with the God who came in flesh and offered His love for us. Over 130 students attended the event, students from various backgrounds, Muslims, nominal Christians, agnostics and atheists. Some students stayed longer and asked questions about God, while others showed interest in joining our weekly students meeting and to study the bible with our students. Pray for a good follow-up!

Our second event was held at the Technion Institute in Haifa on December 13th.  Again, the student group arranged the event with Christmas songs performed by students from the group, the stand-up comedy, and concluded with a strong message from one of the students leaders who shared about the true meaning of life that we can only experience in a relationship with a God who spoke to us in different ways and when the proper time had fully come sent His Son, the Word of Life who existed from the beginning. Over 200 students attended, many of them were the same atheist students that used to attend the lectures we held on “Evidence about God’s Existence”. Also, there were students from Muslim and various other backgrounds.  We felt the presence of God in the room, the students were fully concentrated. Some of them even came and told us that they will start attending the students meeting (which we shared about with you in our previous newsletter). Please pray for a strong and fruitful follow-ups; we see God’s hand moving among the students in a marvelous way that we didn’t experience before!

Our third Event was suppose to take place at Ort Braude college in the North was unfortunately cancelled since we were not given a permission by the college management. Please pray for us to be able to get the permissions we need at this college for later events. The students were so disappointed, but they trust God and they are still sharing the Gospel with their friends at the college.  

The last event will take place at Tel Aviv University during the first week of January. We are still working on getting the permission from the university. Please pray for favor in the eyes of the university officials.

As we celebrate God’s work in the midst of us and remember His deep love for us this season, we give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers. 
Thank you for your friendship and partnership, for being so faithful to us in your prayers and support. 

May the ” God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him; having the eyes of your heart enlightened, that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints”. Ephesians 1:15-18

We would appreciate your prayers for these issues:

  • Student groups to be real salt and light in campuses
  • We would be able to have good follow ups after these events
  • FCSI financial situation and the deficit of about 10,000$ 

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